Reggie’s Story

Reggie the long haired miniature dachshund was born May 15, 1991. We welcomed him into our lives in August of that year right after we were married. At first he let us now that the dachshund breed can be very stubborn. But his wit and humor made him more of a family member every day. We quickly developed a loving relationship with this little red dog. We provided the best veterinary care possible through holistic, homeopathic and traditional medicine. Through a healthy diet, proper care and a loving home “Little Reggie” gave us twenty years of enjoyment.

We decided to name our non-profit “Reggie’s Pet Project” after the dog who didn’t know how to quit, right up until the day he passed. Through our organization, we too will not quit providing the funding to help pet owners enjoy
their pets for as long as we enjoyed Reggie.

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